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t was never really about being a stylist, says April Roomet, I just got dressed and it just so happened that somebody thought I might know something. And she has since proven that she knows plenty.

Whether helping to create cinematic landscapes with noted directors such as, Hype Williams, Francis Lawrence, Chris Robinson, Sophie Muller, Benny Boom, Diane Martell and Paul Hunter, to name but a few, or collaborating with such cutting edge artists like Laurynn Hill, Eminem, Akon, Snoop Dogg, Common, Young Jeezy, Ice Cube and Santigold, April stands as a pioneer of style in the music business.

But her story began far from the glitz and glamour of the City of Angels, where she now resides. Im from the West side. West Philadelphia, that is. Born and raised, says this icon of style, with a nod to another Philadelphia native, Will Smith. It was there that she learned how to take care of herself and how to be aware of her surroundings. As a woman in the entertainment business you must always be on your toes. You have to know whats happening fashion wise and you also have to know what it is you are facing on the business side as well.

Her love for fashion was also born in the City of Brotherly Love. I worked in The Gallery (A famous mall in Philly) in high school, says April, so I always had access to the newest clothes that came out before any of my friends had even heard of them. And that was merely the beginning of her being on the cutting edge of the hottest trends.

Do to her striking looks and stature, the 6 footer as she is fondly called, also began modeling as a teen. This opened her up to a whole new world. It also led her to meeting a stylist that loved her look and convinced her that the two should work together. I just wasnt really down with people treating me like I was just a mannequin, like I didnt have anything to offer other than being tall and blonde. Before she knew it she jumped from being in front of the lens to the more creative side of being behind the scenes. And after a brief stint as an assistant April found it was time to do her own thing. It wasnt long before her client list became quite enviable.

It also wasnt long before the cameras came calling once again. Shes appeared on MTV, B.E.T and most recently as a cast member on the E! Channels Candy Girls. I just think as a business woman and a mother that it is important to diversify myself. And set the example for my son and others that the skys the limit if you work hard.

And work hard she does. Rarely is there a day that passes where this award-winning stylist is not in high demand. She has a number of exclusive clients that have her phones buzzing nonstop. April says, Our job, as stylists, seems simple enough. We have to help to bring to life a vision that will represent the client and hopefully touch the intended audience. However, she continues, when you have tight budgets, multiple opinions, and limited time the simplest thing can seem like a nightmare. But after 13 years, hundreds of shoots, multiple awards, and countless glowing testimonials from those that have worked with her, April makes it all look like a dream.